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what people say about me

Marcella laat je altijd even onthaasten voordat ze met de massage begint. Ze stelt de juiste vragen en neemt deze mee tijdens de massage.

Zij voelt mijn lichaam feilloos aan en heeft meerdere malen klachten weg weten te halen.
Voor mij een reden om terug te blijven komen.

Iris KauffmanGrafisch ontwerper
Off all the hundreds of massage therapist that I visited around the world Marcella has been able to improve my shoulder and back pain, that I experiencing still years after my shoulder surgery, sustainable. At the same time and that fascinates me, she knows to achieve a very intensive and deep relaxation for my body and mind. Honestly one that I never experienced before. Her appearance together with the soothing music makes a massage a experience, which not ends when the massage stops. I am happy I met her and please go to her and experience yourself
Sandra de Vries

Marcella's charming and welcome attitude is a great touch on top of her professional massage. Having acquired multiple skills around the globe she is able to perform a custom made treatment that guarantees the relaxation but also nourishes any (hidden-) Inconveniences be it emotional or physical . Thorough but gentle all with a warm smile plus proper advice .Thanks a lot for opening my eyes and will check in back regularly for maintenance and balance.

It was great to have Marcella in our team and I wish her all the best for her future.

Anja ZillmanCowshed Spa Manager, Soho House Berlin

Marcella überzeugte nicht nur fachlich durch ihre Massagekünste, sondern vor allem auch durch ihr warmherziges und professionelles Auftreten im Umgang mit meinen Kunden. Es ist für mich ein bitterer Verlust, Marcella als langjährige, freie Mitarbeiterin zu verlieren.




Swen Treppschuhmed. Masseur, liz. Wellness-und Gesundheitstrainer, liz. Tennistrainer